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Baglan Bay Sunset

No it wasn't this dark when I took the picture but by under exposing it by a couple of stops makes a more dramatic scene. Baglan Bay is a small part of Swansea Bay from the River Neath to Sandfields. The hill below the sun is called Kilvey Hill and in the mist on the left is Swansea.

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My father took this picture…


My father took this picture of me and my cousins in Rest Bay, Porthcawl. I'm the one without the cap.

Back in the 50's the trip from Neath to Porthcawl took hours even though it was only ten miles away. There would be My mother and father, my aunty and uncle, my two cousins and me in the car, a Standard Vanguard.  The trek to the beach started early in the morning, We would pack some things into my uncle's car then squeeze ourselves in. The first stop on the way would be a traffic jam at Pentyla between Baglan and Port Talbot. Then in Port Talbot we would have to wait for the Railway gates to open. The next hold up would be between Kenfig and Nottage. At Nottage we would call at my uncle's caravan before going on to Rest Bay. Sometimes we would walk from the caravan site to Rest Bay because all the car parks in Porthcawl were full.

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