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You scored 65, on a scale of 0 to 70. Here’s how to interpret your score:
0 – 27
Young Earth Believer: When it comes to the origins of the universe and of life, the Bible is your guide. Read a Southern Baptist leader’s case for six-day creationism.
28 – 56
Believer by Design: You believe that evolution is being guided by a higher intelligence. Read William Dembski’s case for teaching Intelligent Design in schools.
58 – 70
Devout Darwinist: You’re convinced evolution satisfactorily explains life’s origins, without reference to a higher power. Read Michael Ruse’s case for teaching only evolution in schools.

Reaction Time Trainer

Stumbled on a reaction time test @

my best result


 How’s your spacial awareness and your logic?

These 3 D Puzles are not as easy as you might think. Getting the shape right is easy but getting it with the right number of blocks is another thing all together.

You can turn the shape around and also look at it from above.

Click ‘Build’ to place a block and ‘Break down’ to remove blocks. Sometimes it’s easier to start with all 64 blocks and then remove them one by one until you have the right shape and number of blocks.