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Calle Mateos Gago

Calle Mateos Gago, Seville

Have you seen your street on Google Earth?


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Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma


A Quixotic adventure around the world.

Curio Bay Petrified Forest

Curio Bay Petrified Forest

Nerd Test

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 Josh to Alex and back

Separated at birth!

Noggin the Nog and David Essex.

Peter and David

Olan Mills update.

Lee and Dan My daughter recieved this photo from OM yesterday

What does Christmas mean to our most fervent non-believer? John Preston talks to Richard Dawkins

olan mills     

All the UK studios of Olan Mills have closed today and the company is now in administration. Yesterday my daughter took her two son to have their photographs taken at out local olan Mills and last week my two sons had my other six grandchildrens’ photographs taken. Between then they have lost more than £150 pounds worth. My daughter’s friend, Adam who works for the company was told this morning that he no longer had a job.

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