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Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma



You scored 65, on a scale of 0 to 70. Here’s how to interpret your score:
0 – 27
Young Earth Believer: When it comes to the origins of the universe and of life, the Bible is your guide. Read a Southern Baptist leader’s case for six-day creationism.
28 – 56
Believer by Design: You believe that evolution is being guided by a higher intelligence. Read William Dembski’s case for teaching Intelligent Design in schools.
58 – 70
Devout Darwinist: You’re convinced evolution satisfactorily explains life’s origins, without reference to a higher power. Read Michael Ruse’s case for teaching only evolution in schools.

What does Christmas mean to our most fervent non-believer? John Preston talks to Richard Dawkins

Every year we choose one design to send to our friends, neighbours and family. Close Family get indiviual cards.

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TheThinker 3840

“Writing is one of many critical thinking tools,

like mathematics. Not all great thinkers are writers…

but ALL great writers are thinkers.”

I Think the Nurses Are Stealing my Clothessmith-linda

A tribute to the late Linda Smith on Radio 4, Repeated: Saturday 11 November 2006 12:30-13:00 (Radio 4 FM). The writer and broadcaster was a staple of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and BBC Radio, whose listeners voted her “Wittiest Person” in 2002.

After appearing on Radio 4’s Devout Sceptics to discuss her beliefs she was asked by the British Humanist Association to become president of the society, a role she occupied with great commitment from 2004 until her death.